Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ups and Downs

Wednesday October 13, 2010

12:00 am: Exhausted, we crawled into bed after changing H.B.'s bedding, knowing we'd have to get up in a few hours to 'express his bladder'. Suddenly, in the dark, I could hear Harrison drinking his water, which is a few feet from his bed. He pulled himself over to it and then put himself back to his bed!

3:30 am: Up to check on H.B., get him to pee, and give him his pain medicine. Also, we had to change his towel again. He can't control when he poops, so he has had several 'accidents'. The biggest challenge for us is keeping him clean and keeping up with the laundry!

7:15 am: Breakfast and medicine. Then, we went outside in the new wagon, across the street to the beltline. We met a new dog named Cloud, who is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old Collie, and little Maggie, the dog with big cute bat ears, came running up to H.B. to say hi. Then, H.B. took off down the hill, dragging his hind legs behind him. He's feeling more energetic!

10:30 am: I decided to take a bath. Harrison usually comes in to investigate while the water is running, and he actually tried to pull himself into the bathroom. I put him back in bed and told him to stay. After I came out of the bathroom, I found him near the front door! The little bug had pulled himself all the way down the hall! Of course, when I moved him, he pooped and when I lifted him up to clean him, he peed all over the place! I think he knew he had to go, and he didn't want to soil his bed.

11:30 am: After cleaning him up and cleaning up the hall, it was time for more medicine. Then he was lying down, trying to sleep but not really getting anywhere.

The rest of the day was kind of like that. Him trying to pull himself along and peeing and pooping all over the place at home! Later I called the doctor to ask about Harrison's increased energy and his medication and the problems we were having. I was worried that he shouldn't be pulling himself around like that as his back is still healing so the doctor recommended limiting his movement for awhile.

It was a long and tiring day. I don't think any of us slept well. Both Rob and I were worried about Harrison's progress. It's hard to deal with all this chaos not knowing if or when it will end. Fortunately, he's not in any pain anymore and his back is healing. And, most importantly, he's alive! A few emails really cheered me up. Thanks Sharon and Bert (my sisters), Norma (Big's human mommy), and to everyone who has been encouraging us. Your words of love and encouragement give us strength for those trying times. I know Harrison will recover fully. I can see it in his eyes!

Thursday was a much better day, but I am tired now, so it's off to bed. I'll post today's post tomorrow with some cute pictures.


melissa said...

Many of you want to post a comment, but don't know how. I think you have to have a Google Profile and then sign in. You can always send me your comments via email and I can post them for you if I have time.

Sharon said...

Hey folks! Thanks for the suggestion. All I did was go to the top of this page and press "Sign In" and it took me right through the process of setting up an account! Gotta love it, it's kinda cool! :) I'm sorry you were soooo exhausted! What tenacity your little pooch has....nothing will keep him down! :) I'll keep praying for you all! Love ya, Sharon

melissa said...

Thanks Sharon! Keep coming back for more updates!

Rob said...

Go HB!