Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Physio Appointment

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today I took Harrison to his first physiotherapy appointment at Canine Wellness Centre in Toronto. ( We met Tania Costa, the owner of the centre, and a few other people who work there with her. They were all very happy to meet Harrison and he enjoyed having four girls fawn all over him, telling him how handsome he is!

The first thing we did was fill out some forms and answer some questions about Harrion's injury and surgeries. Then, Tania did some laser therapy on Harrison. She said this will speed his healing from both of his surgeries. Almost immediately I noticed some movement in his back thigh muscles, and we all noticed him pushing with his back feet when we held him up. I almost burst into tears when Tania said that she thought he would be standing on his own within a week and that he might not ever need wheels! I am so grateful for the Canine Wellness Centre and for Tania. I have always had faith that Harrison will make a complete recovery, and it is more than encouraging to have a professional who works with dogs like H.B. all the time agree!

The major obstacle to all of this are his stitched up bed sores and the drain that is still in. (I will not post any pictures of that stuff. Yuck!) Once we can get those healed and under control, Harrison will recovery quickly. One of Tania's clients recommended Johnson & Johnson's Advanced Healing Adhesive Pads because they protect the skin while healing it. I have to wait until the stitches are taken out first and then I will try them.

The doctors and Tania also recommended that Harrison sleep on wool fleece as it is natural and it stays dry. The two fleece blankets Tania sold me work amazingly! Harrison is so comfortable and dry! I put some pee pads underneath the fleece just in case and then put some towels and foam pads underneath that. And I thought Harrison was a spoiled dog before all this!!

We have two physio appointments next week. All of us are really looking forward to them! Hopefully, Rob can come to the first one if his schedule allows. I have taken another week off of my morning classes so that I can be here for Harrison.

Let's hope all goes well this week and I may even have some videos to post!

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