Saturday, October 16, 2010

first check-up with the doctor

Thursday, October 14, 2010

9:00 am: Today we took Harrison to see Dr. Gillick, the surgeon who performed the operation on his spine. Harrison's back is healing well and he will get his staples out next Friday. The doctor said that there is improvement in Harrison's tail tone and the reflexes on his left side have improved. Considering that before the operation he had no reflex response on either side, this is great news!

He also suggested keeping Harrison more confined so that he doesn't hurt himself dragging himself all over the place so we have set up his crate again. He showed us how to walk Harrison by lifting his back end by his tail. It works, but it's hard on our backs!

11:45 pm: After the doctor's appointment, Rob went to work and I gave Harrison a bath and attempted to put a dog diaper on him. Then he had lunch and a walk in the rain.

5:00 pm: I stepped out to the chirpractor for my back while Harrison took a long, well-deserved nap!

The rest of the evening involved diaper changes, medicine, and more snoring! Music to our ears!

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