Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still at the vet

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harrison's surgery went well. The doctors put in two tubes to drain H.B.'s pressure sores. He had a slight fever so they wanted to keep him overnight to monitor that and the amount of drainage.

Today was Rob's birthday, so we went out to Swiss Chalet for dinner. There's one right around the corner from the vet hospital. Then we went to visit Harrison. He looked very good and was moving his tail more than before. He had a cone on so that he couldn't do any damage to the tubes coming out of him.

He has had his staples removed from his back surgery and the fur on his back is growing in. It's so cute that you can still see his white spot even when the hair is shaved! He looked alert and gobbled down most of his dinner during our visit. I can see some improvement in the way he is trying to move around.

Tomorrow afternoon if all goes well, we will bring him home. Hopefully Friday he will start his physiotherapy. The doctor recommended he get his wheels as soon as possible to prevent any further complications from his pressure sores. It was good to see him. He seemed very comfortable there and not in any pain, but the three of us miss him here. The cat has been looking around everywhere for him!

I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

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Karen said...

Hi Melissa, Have been hoping to run into you guys...I'm so sorry to hear all the trials and tribulations Harrison has been going through (and taking you along for the ride!).

It must be so heartbreaking to see him go through this, but he's one tough cookie, so I'm sure he'll be a star at physio and be back in full force in no time.

Hopefully I'll see you guys (& Harrison!) this weekend,