Wednesday, October 13, 2010

our 'new' wagon

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 (continued)

3:30 pm: trip outside across the street. I think he actually waited to poop outside. Good boy! We met Margaret from OLPH and Suzy (dog) and Julie from the neighborhood. Harrison was happy to see some familiar friendly faces, both human and canine. Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts. We can feel them working already!

4:55 pm: went shopping. Picked up: puppy pads, doggie diapers, puppy wipes, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer (for us!), and a gently used wagon from 'Once Upon A Child' on Merton and Bayview. (The wagon is so we can safely and cleanly take H.B. outside to walk him. We live in a condo and have to cross a busy street. He's really heavy- 40 pounds! When we walk him, we raise his hind legs using a towel as a sling and he walks on his front legs.)

5:45 pm: Rob returned and took the Beagle outside to the beltline. H.B. met a few dogs, peed and pooed. He even played with a stick and tried to come when Rob called him. Once inside, Rob washed and dried H.B.'s parts.

7:30 pm: I got home with all my loot. I gave H.B. a good massage on his legs and sang some Beagle songs to him. The latest one is about how the brain sends messages down his spine to the tip of his tail and the tips his toes on his hind legs.

8:30 pm: We had dinner and prepared to take H.B. for his first trip outside in his wagon! We met Craig and Chloe (dog) on the way out. H.B. gave Craig a little story. That's when Harrison whines, but it sounds like he's telling a story. Only very special people and dogs, especially puppies, get a story! H.B. loves Craig!

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

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