Monday, December 6, 2010

Harrison's New Wheels

The past two weeks have been busy ones for us. Harrison is still improving a little each day, but the big news is, we got his wheels from Eddie's Wheels this weekend.
The first video is Harrison for the very first time in his wheels. He took to them immediately. The cart keeps his weight evenly distributed and his spine aligned properly. There are stirrups in the back to keep his back feet from getting injured when he runs. His back feet can also be let down when he starts using his legs or when we do rehab with him.

The second video is the first time outside playing fetch. Just like he used to, only with wheels. He was quite exhausted afterwards, but seemed to have a renewed spirit.

It was a great weekend for us all! We can't wait to go outside again. Stay tuned for more!


karen said...

WOW the three of you have don so well. keep it up /\
Andre Karen & Oscar.

karen said...

I just checked this tonight and it has made me feel so happy. Harrison is so such a trooper. I am so glad I am now in the blog. Andre got me in tonight so I will now keep in touch and I truly look forward to seeing you all on the belt line. best wishes and lots of woofs...Karen and Andre & Oscar...great happy video..great parents!

Anonymous said...

Great to see HB having such a good time in the snow.

Craig and Chloe

Karen said...

I still haven't run into you and Rob, but check this's so great to see Harrison out and enjoying himself!

Karen (neighbour Karen, as it seems to be a popular name!)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes. I am so pleased you chose to help him get better. Keep up the good work and I am praying for his continued recooperation.

Maureen Smith

Anonymous said...


It is good to read that he's getting better and coping with this new way of living, I could say.

warm regards from Brazil,

Caio Albernaz

Anonymous said...

Happy xmas to Harrison, btw... =)

Caio Albernaz

Santhya said...

What a darling he is!! I hope he's doing better and better everyday!