Sunday, November 21, 2010

small improvements every day

Hi all,
Harrison had a good week. He is showing tiny improvements every day and we are trying to work with him to help him get his legs back. He has improved muscle tone in both legs, but especially the left one, and also in his tail.

Some exercises that we have been doing with him include 'push-ups' both in his sling and on his exercise ball (above). In the picture below, he is in a sling on a treadmill. He's not yet able to move his back legs much beyond twitching, but we are trying to get his muscles going and remind him what walking feels like.

He is moving his tail more, even wagging it a bit, and today when I took him in the hallway to do some sling walking exercises, I am pretty sure he gave a good push with his back legs. Way to go, Harrison!

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Anonymous said...

Go Harrison, Go! Sounds like you are improving every week! :) Keep smiling and keep workin out! :) Melissa and are truly amazing in what you are doing for your little pooch!

:) Glad to hear all is going well! Love you all, Sharon